Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Part III of the Journey Force Newsletter from November-December 1985

The Merchandise is always a fan favorite and this one is sure to please since it's in color.

It's really just left over "Frontiers" items. The "Infinity" towel would be worth getting, or the Frontiers Satin Jacket, but I was off listening to Prince in 1985 and didn't get those items!

The Pen Pal page is next and is a great list of Journey fans and their addresses from all over the World. Now in 2016 you'd think twice about giving out your address like this. Anyway, don't send letters. these people probably don't live there anymore.

In case you forgot to order merchandise from the color merchandise page, there's another merchandise page to give "Journey" as a gift for Christmas 1985. The final page is the folded outer page that goes through the mail. I also don't live at that address anymore either.

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