Saturday, July 2, 2016

Journey Raised On Radio Tour Book 1986 Concert Program, part 1

The cover of the Raised On Radio Tour Book is the main three members of the band in a radio transistor tube and the "Raised On Radio" logo on a deep black background. The Tour Book measures 11 X 14 inches. There are 32 pages including the front and back cover.

The first two pages are a huge poster of the band. Is that the band? Is that just the touring band? What's going on, what happened? We may never know the answer. For the casual Journey fan, who likes the music and might go to a show but doesn't know the band members names, might not notice the change in drummer. Mike Baird is a good drummer, and looks sort of like a heavier Steve Smith so I'm sure some people didn't even notice. Now, if we played the "which one does not belong" game, I'm sure it's not hard to guess. Randy Jackson is a great bass player, but he is no way a replacement for Ross Valory.

If this wasn't the last time Steve Perry would go on tour with Journey would they have made the next album and tour with this lineup? It would have been interesting to see for sure.

With a new and different rhythm section, the band only partly sounded like Journey. With all the hits from Neal Schon and Steve Perry's solo work along with playing cover songs from Elvis Presley and old Motown hits, the shows hardly resembled a Journey show of the past. This was really Steve Perry's second solo album using the "Journey" name. If only Herbie could have kept control, but Steve Perry's solo success was a huge nail in Journey's coffin.

Continued next week...

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