Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Journey Force Fan Club Newsletter dated June 1, 1986, part 2

The Journey Force Newsletter begins with color photos of the three members of JOURNEY.

Then comes the exciting old merchandise page. It's still all about "Frontiers" on the merchandise, but that will soon change.

The Pen Pal page includes special "Force" seating for the upcoming shows. If you were a Journey Force member you were able to buy special saved seating for "Force" members but you had to buy them at the box office only which made it inconvenient especially in Los Angeles.

The next page is Journey Force News, a "Radio" Pass contest all about Journey trivia. Some Force members questions asked, like "What does R.O.R. stand for?

he last page is the outer address page. I haven't lived at that address in many many years, so don't bother.

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