Saturday, July 23, 2016

Journey Raised On Radio Tour Book 1986 Concert Program, part 4

Neal Schon has played guitar his entire life. Playing with Santana at 16 years old and the only founding member of "Journey" still left in the band.

Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie, Ross Valory, and Herbie Herbert set out to create a jazz fusion "San Fransisco Sound" band in 1973 and by 1986 was not that at all. If it wasn't for Neal Schon probably fighting tooth and nail every step of it, this wouldn't actually sound like Journey much. This band was built around the guitar abilities of Neal Schon. Journey lost a lot of it's sound with the loss of Gregg Rolie, If Neal were not there the band would be doing Motown and easy listening slow rock by this time.

Neal Schon has always been in many other bands and playing guitar for other bands. That's what he does. He feels most comfortable with a Guitar in hand, it's what kept him from selling "Italian Ladies Shoes". Neal created his own Guitar before the "Raised On Radio" Tour, called "The Schon Guitar". The Guitar is a redesigned Gibson Les Paul . The Guitars were available to the public for a short time.

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