Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gregg Rolie says he wouldn't rule out a reunion with Journey

Gregg Rolie talks Santana, Journey & Ringo Starr’s All-Starr Band

Here's a great article by The Main Edge. Gregg Rolie finally talks about his days in Santana and what lead up to the recent reunion of the original Santana.

Gregg Rolie was a founding member of Journey and departed the band after the 1980 Departure Tour. He goes on to talk about a possible reunion with Journey.

This would be fantastic! Gregg's voice has been sorely missing along with his keyboard playing. I loved the duets between Gregg and Steve Perry. Their voices blended so perfectly and it would the greatest thing ever if they were able to sing again together.

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Neal Schon, Rolie’s guitar-slinging Santana band-mate, is set to appear with Journey at Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion in Bangor on Wednesday, June 22. The pair co-founded Journey in 1973.

When Rolie and Schon departed from Santana during the recording of 1972’s “Caravanserai” (“Basically, it was ‘musical differences’,” he says), Rolie took a detour and opened a restaurant with his father in his native Seattle, Washington.

“By the way, don’t ever do that,” he advised me with a laugh. “It was like going from the pan to the fire. Owning a restaurant was one of the hardest things…well I won’t do it again, let’s put it that way.   It was impossible (laughs).” 

In 1973, when Rolie received a call from Schon and Journey’s manager, Walter James “Herbie” Herbert II, about putting a new band together, he left the pan and the fire for Journey and seven years of recording and touring the world. 

Burned out in 1980 and ready to start a family, Rolie left Journey and has played with them on two occasions since. 

Content with his current role in Santana and as a member of Ringo’s ‘All-Starr’s,’ Rolie says that if the opportunity arose to rejoin Journey permanently, he wouldn’t rule it out. 

“If the door opened to play regularly with Journey, I’d look into it,” he says. “Right now, just coming home from playing those (Santana) shows, I must tell you that Santana is everything to me. It was my ‘firstborn’ if you will.  When I sit down to play something, this is where I go. It’s blues-based – it’s where I play.”

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