Saturday, August 27, 2016

Journey Raised On Radio Tour Book 1986 Concert Program, part 9

The last of the pages of the Raised on Radio Tour Book are upon us. We get some great pictures of the entire band including the last picture of Mike Baird and Randy Jackson we ever have to see.

The last of the list of credits fills out the last inside page of the Tour Book. The Journey Force of course has an ad to sign up is in there too!

The "Raised On Radio" album was delayed for over a year and after a title change, the firing of two long standing band members and complete control given to Steve Perry. This broke the one word album titles manager Herbie Herbert had developed back with the third album "Next". The album was supposed to be called "Freedom". We have a remnant left out called "Liberty" which was recorded for "Freedom" and had no place on "Raised On Radio" which can be found on Journey's box set, "Time".

The album art for the album was created by Journey's original drummer, Prairie Prince. The design is based on Steve Perry's family's Radio Station in Northern California. The album was released on April 21, 1986 and the tour started 4 months later. Sales for the album were not at all as great as they were for "Captured", "Escape" or "Frontiers".

This Tour would end up being the last Journey Tour with Steve Perry as frontman...

Continued next week...

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