Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Journey Force Fan Club Newsletter from November 1, 1986, part 2

The November 1986 Newsletter continues with some Bits and Pieces and color pictures.

Neal Schon joined Carlos Santana onstage during the August 17, 1986 20th anniversary reunion concert in the Bay Area. Gregg Rolie was also there giving his vocal and keyboard skills to the Santana classics he is known for.

There are a few more Bits and Pieces including the winners to the "Raised On Radio" Backstage Pass Contest. There is also another contest where you could spend a week in either Hawaii or Japan with Journey. There were tow prizes and I wonder how it worked out for the winner that went to Japan since the concert came to an end in Hawaii, before the Japan portion was to begin.

This week we have a few great pictures of the band in concert...

continued next week...

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