Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Journey Force Fan Club Newsletter from November 1, 1986, part 1

Volume 1, Number 3 of The Journey Force Fan Club Newsletter for November 1, 1986 begins with a Tour itinerary for the first leg of "The Raised On Radio Tour" which was to be Journey's biggest tour to yet.

The new line-up first played on August 23, 1986 at Calaveras County Fairgrounds at Angels Camp. This is the Mountainaire Festival. Page one of the Newsletter contains many reviews of the show from the local newspapers. The Tour Itinerary is missing the August and September dates.

Page 2 of the Newsletter continues the reviews of the shows. The main article on page 2 is "Meet The New Rhythm Section". There is a Journey Force interview with both Randy Jackson and Mike Baird. There is also a picture of Mike Baird and Steve Perry relaxing backstage if that's what you call relaxing.

It all starts right here with a color picture of the band. Again, as usual, Randy is represented by his eyes and teeth and extremely loud shirt...

To be continued next week...

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